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Overloaded Chinese tea industry group co., LTD., is the world's top 10 duty free operator, a wholly owned subsidiary of royal group (Hong Kong). Imperial power group (Hong Kong) solid capital strength, rich experience in brand operation is the strong endorsement \"overloaded\" brand. Company branding and marketing center of Beijing (wuyi overloaded tea industry co., LTD.) was established in July 2009, the company is a comprehensive reference and introduces the marketing idea of imperial power group internationalization and brand management mode, and through the group of the royal channel all over the world the overloaded products to all over the world, to forge a China and the world will be \"overloaded\" brand of high-end tea industry. Company is now in Beijing and hebei, fujian and other places set up more than 10 retail stores, more than 10 provinces and cities in the country have distributors in more than 100. Wuyi mountain clear water danehill, Sussex southeast of under armour. Company at present, the core scenic area upstream in wuyi mountain in fujian province has thousands mu of high-quality tea garden. Company tea plantation base for soil weathering of volcanic breccia, rich in all kinds of mineral elements, suitable for tea tree growth. The company has its own tea garden is located in an average elevation of 800 meters mountain area, mild climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, the annual average temperature is between 18-18.5 degrees. Have you jian fountain, the annual average relative humidity is around 80%, most of tea garden in rock lives deep and remote jian, all around is mountains as the barrier, the mountains all the year round cloud and mist diffuses, transform the direct light of the sun into the diffuse light, in favor of the photosynthesis of the tea, enhance the accumulation of organic material in tea. The sunshine is shorter, more calm and plant diseases and insect pests, superior natural conditions bred quality dahongpao tea king. Company's production team by making skill inheritance, wuyi dahongpao rock tea and tea wuyi dahongpao rock tea and its craft masters, led by Mr Cao spring city products are strictly implement the \"national intangible cultural heritage - wuyi rock tea, dahongpao traditional production techniques\" standards. High-end products adhere to the company's technology, litchi charcoal baked, slow fire nine roasting, zen sound hoard, though process complexity will dare to omit artificial, material resources, though you will not save time. The company has an independent product research and development team, pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, and with the national plant functional components using the engineering technology research center, tsinghua university research center for TCM modernization, aging medical research center of Peking University, key laboratory of tea science, ministry of education of China and state administration of traditional Chinese medicine and health interventions laboratory five national authoritative research institutions such as cooperation, product research and development, joint products reserves, technology elements continuously injected into the company's innovative products to the world. The company through the construction of production base, the introduction of advanced tea processing technology, development, promotion, from tea breeding, organic cultivation, standardized production and management and so on each link all-round development of tea industry, and successively passed the ISO9001 quality management system and QS certification. \"Overloaded\" dahongpao product quality excellent, won numerous international and domestic tea industry competition gold medal, silver medal and the title of king, was allowed to use \"the origin of the People's Republic of China regional identity\".