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 The old definition:

Long called the old; remember, Ming also, have also.

The old Dahongpao Tea, great achievements Dahongpao Tea old person.

The old logo paraphrase:

Brush type, a strong sense of rhythm, full and smooth lines; pattern like adancing Dahongpao Tea tea, also like a sincere heart, more like a thumbs up fist; representative is Dahongpao Tea old market king, also on behalf ofthe old consumer products as Dahongpao quality first.

In the pattern of dots represents a Dahongpao Tea tea bud leaf bud, on behalf of the old quality be consistent from beginning to end, also on behalf of the old people always face the thumb and the consumers we erectcompliment to the entrepreneurial spirit.

The old Fu

Late spring to mind, a drop of rain, Weng, foot clogs up. View of WuyiKowloon nest, Danxia six mother, spring bud Ye Hao, twilight disseminated,red sihuo. Woodman evening to go, ask Ming House before. Weng YinqiaoMao, incense tea, Ishi Kiyoka; Fuqin crooning, six gas and pure, big dippera month, the rhythm of the small river. He asked where the tea? Answer:that the days of nil! The woodcutter was stunned, Weng Le beard: nil - day,the face of the cliffs, false thousands of rock soil, life and growth in nature.The ancient law to Lai simmer nine baking, and Mu Zen sound, find thewave rhythm, have a fun, that is the charm of rock bone incense. He ranaway, the corresponding: a cup Pomen throat wet, two cup, three cup ofbowel, four cup light perspiration, five cup back to Gan, six cup of thinbone, seven cups of psychic, eight cup of wind, nine cups of Yu Xian, tencup of the people. Alas! It passes like this. Sage tea, head swim rein to one's feelings, with extremely audio-visual, letter cola. Thinking back yearrock rhyme! Tian Han, loading, and the startled red body! Blessed, Lu Jue,Shou qi. The past, the universe is. Picking fresh roasted Fang rotary sealup, to fine a good and not excessive; extreme events with maharaja, whatwent to the mountain people. Ancestors remember Weng pulse, drybranch, the third generation to overseas is back, falling Chaozhou,Guangdong Hing, the sense of heaven and earth, read people, inJINGWAH corner, set the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Tang and Song Dynasties, Zhuchaoyinfeng, tea on the.

One fire phoenix city, were peeping sound; parking sit love, how to carryon. Should play the zither, piano and should be poems, rhymes; pure; Yichess, sound sonorous; appropriate reward pot, quiet, are part of the help.Gee! Which is expected to open, at spirit, at the short term credit, resident in this. A cloud of good friends, Trinidad flatter, almost a full house, Guests feel at home. It is called! The old red, was born, the best collection, but thishonour. The words, dare to prevent rustic, honest, respectful sparse and short primer, with a laugh, "said the old Dahongpao Tea".

The five innovation

1, companies in response to market and consumer demand, the more than 100 kinds of Wuyi Rock Tea unified named "Dahongpao Tea", combined with the traditional manufacturing technology and modern blendingtechnology, according to the baking process, different blending of flavor,stored years were distinguished, solve consumer awareness of Wuyi RockTea confusion, the promotion of negative the problem.

2, the first Dahongpao Tea hole year tea, and four research institutes joint research, will Dahongpao Tea tea through scientific cave reservoir storage,the tea quality and the health value to a better level, and longer storage.

3, take the lead in cooperation with scientific research institutions, research on functional components for more than two years old Dahongpao Tea on,will Dahongpao Tea on human health effects of science, display system.

4 scientific research institutions, and common development, the first "golden Dahongpao Tea", will benefit the Eurotium cultivation toDahongpao Tea tea to human health, to realize the effective combination of traditional tea and modern technology, the innovation of products have been patent.

5, cooperation with the the Imperial Palace, introduced first the Imperial Palace tribute tea, Dahongpao Tea series, the royal the Imperial Palaceculture and the old tea culture with the characteristics of products, so that consumers experience the ancient royal noble quality of life.

The course of enterprise development:

2004: Chinese old tea group.

2008: the old Dahongpao Tea Xinyuanli store opening.

2009 July 15th: Beijing city Wuyishan the old tea industry limited liability company established. The old Dahongpao Tea flagship store opening.

2010: the old downtown mouth Dahongpao Tea store opened.

2011: in June 9th, the old Dahongpao Tea Maliandao store opened, joining the investment was officially launched.

2012: in May 29th, the old Dahongpao Tea Xicui Road store opened.

Since the country dealers has reached more than 100.