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In 2013 the China, was the beginning of a deep reform year, a year in which either the government or enterprises, or work and life, began toaccumulate a new round of reform forces. The old Dahongpao Tea adhere to the inheritance, innovation, with good extreme heart in this year, to create the collection level quality tea, the old tea Thanksgiving each to the old tea interest and support of the people, and to "and" respect, also know that only the tea ceremony "," to the moral world.

The city of Beijing

Flagship store address: Beijing city Dongcheng District Chaoyang door Nanxiaojie 8

Tel: 010-58646140

The busy port store address: Beijing City downtown Xicheng District street,No. 13 Suzhou building

Tel: 010-66417680

Xinyuan village store address: Beijing City, Chaoyang District three YuanEast Bridge Street Niuwang temple No. 2

Tel: 010-64684028

Maliandao store address: Beijing city Xicheng District Maliandao tea Street4-5 O Kyok boutique

Tel: 010-63362890

The Green Jade Road: Haidian District Fuxing Road, Beijing 24 Hospital No. 118 building a layer of


Fuzhou city wulongjiang tea plant (meteorological Hotel opposite)


Beijing city Dongcheng District Dongsi Beidajie 44


Dongcheng District Anding Road No. 20 yuan Yue an Building Room 606


Beijing city Shunyi District Linhe Street No. 9


Beijing city Chaoyang District will posterior 2 No. 2 Building 2 room 2012


Beijing Sun Palace Road Sonny Moore Antique City


Beijing Xicheng District Taiping Bridge Street 98-10 in triumph


The seven District of Beijing City, Dongcheng District Hepingli No. 33Building No. 33-3

Shandong Province

Shandong Zibo

Two street Shandong Zibo Yiwu Small Commodity City No. 03-05 SouthYuan Ming Tea

Shandong Ji'nan

Ji'nan Youth Road No. 18 of Shandong broadcasting and Television Centerbuilding a layer of media industry

Shandong Yantai

Shandong province Yantai city Zhifu District Zhifu island in 105-5

Shandong Linzi

Linzi District of Shandong province Zibo City Heng Highway No. 207

Shandong Linyi tea Wen Fang

Shandong Tongda Lanshan District Linyi road and Jiefang Road intersection harmony square B108 tea Wen Fang

Shandong Binzhou

Shandong province Binzhou city the Yellow River Road four

Shandong Ji'nan

Lixia District of Ji'nan in the run in Century City 2 No. 1601

Shanxi Province

Shanxi Taiyuan

Taiyuan City East Gulou square wind radium town tea

Shanxi Taiyuan

Taiyuan city Berlin District Peace Road 90-2 Shanxi Tanyang tea with a layer of A District No. 15

Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia Steel Market Street West West 30 meters

Hebei Province

Hebei Shijiazhuang

Shijiazhuang City, North Tower, Fujian City Southern District two

Hebei Chengde

Century City in Hebei province 25#102-202 Chengde Shuangqiao District


Qinhuangdao City, the sea full of Port City Street No. 55

Hebei Tangshan

Hebei Tangshan City Road North in the Phoenix Park 306-4-102 source


Shijiazhuang Ziqiang Road No. 112

The city of Handan

Hebei province Handan City Fu Dong Da Jie Rui electronics Teahouse

The city of Baoding

Hebei province Baoding City Fuxing Road District No. 874-876 B DeshangKANGLONG Ascot

Guangdong Province

Guangdong Yangjiang

Biguiyuan Commercial Street District of Guangdong Province YangdongCounty, Yangjiang City, B101

Meizhou City, Guangzhou Province

Guangdong Province Xingning city Xingcheng Baohua building A No. 31

Guangdong Dongguan

Building No. 1 Lou Minghui Guangdong Fenggang town of Dongguan CityPark Avenue 407

Guangdong Guangzhou Haizhuqu District

Guangzhou city Haizhuqu District Dongxiao Road No. 31 Haiyin tea city D06


Guangzhou City, four cross road Tianhe District Yuancun Merrill Club Floor

Heilongjiang Province


Harbin Daoli District Taiping International Airport Departure Hall

Heilongjiang Suifenhe

Heilongjiang in Suifenhe City Road No. 1

Jilin Province

Jilin Changchun

Jilin province Changchun City Nanguan District No. 7 Tonghua Road, Tsing Yi Square underground city, No. 41

Liaoning Province

Dalian City

Cai Shi Jie Xigang District, Dalian, Liaoning province No. 18 Jin Ma Tea with a floor of No. A6

Anhui Bengbu

Guzhen Economic Development Zone, Bengbu City, Anhui Province seven weft Road

Jiangsu Nantong

Tongzhou District Nantong City, south of Henghe South Road, Fairview Jiangnan 11 room A1

Jiangxi Nanchang

Hubin East Road, Nanchang City 599 No. 13 8-10 (Jiangxi province electric power company is opposite)

Henan Pinyuan tea